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Saturday, February 13th, 2016 1:16 PM
July 21, 2010


1. Favorite Artists:   Andre Butzer and Eddie Martinez are two painters that i like a lot right now…… I’m inspired by a lot of people i meet, artists that are productive and passionate. Mike Parillo has been a huge inspiration since i was young, hollywood should make a movie about him someday..I love kids art as well.

2. Music inspirations: music is a huge part of my existence. right now when I’m working i’ve been playing a lot of Tom Waits. Then there’s the standards like the Pogues, the Doors, Ventures, New Order, Lou Reed, Velvet Underground, Bowie, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Rolling Stones, new wave shit..the list goes on and on..i cant live without music…i  also like listening to the radio like k-earth with all the oldies, i miss Joneseys Jukebox on 103.1.

3. Which master artist would you most compare yourself or be influenced by: i wouldn’t compare myself to any master, maybe i can become one when i’m old! i think  its good to be influenced by a few at the beginning though to know where you are going. i gravitate more towards the abstract and naive,with a bit of surrealism. Paul Klee’s work is up there as a big  influence and he was a stay at home dad too.  Wifredo Lamm had some great pieces. I  also like the movement of Joan Miro, Rufino Tamayo was the greatest mexican artist, and then Basquiat is always there when you need him.

4. In a few words tell me about your medium(s) used for this show and your process.

For this show and all my work i use a lot of different meduims. everything from acrylic to oil stick, crayon, spray paint, wood etc.. i like the process to be messy and a wide range of textures. i usually work on a few pieces at a time, especially before a show. i work on the floor instead of an easel, my back is paying for it but i like to step over the work and attack it from different angles.

Short film of Ben in action coming soon. Check back later today.

Photos: Jesse Fulton photography