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Sunday, February 7th, 2016 5:37 PM
4 Q’s with Russ Pope
March 3, 2012

Upcoming Russ Pope Solo Show April 5-28, 2012: Tax Included. Opening Reception Thurs. April 5, 2012 6-9pm. Here is a Q and A with the artist!

Q. What is the meaning behind he show’s title Tax Included?
Russ Pope: April is tax month. You’ll see some medium/large sized paintings on canvas, drawings on archival papers, 3 and 2-D painted wood pieces with acrylic paint, ink and aerosol paint.  Social commentary, tax info. Some installed pieces, those will be the wooded 3-D pieces.

Q: What kind of impact did winning Best Visual Artist of 2010 from OC Weekly have over the past year in 2011? Did it create any changes?
RP: It was a really nice gesture, happy to be included.

Q: What’s a common question that younger artists ask you, and what’s your advice for them?
RP: Two frequently asked questions are: “How do you find the time to produce so much work?” and “How do I go about showing my work?” You don’t find time, you take or make the time to produce work, is my answer on the first question. The answer to the second is more complicated. A big part of showing your work is based on relationships you have or need to have with galleries.

Q: How is 2012 shaping up for you? In addition to this show, what else do you have coming up?
RP: I have another solo show later in the year at Space 1026 in Philadelphia.  A mural project in L.A. and a 3 man show in S.F. that I’m curating and painting for.