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Wednesday, November 25th, 2015 5:22 PM
Brennan Coyle Interview
July 20, 2012

All new works by Brennan Coyle + Electric Coffin will be on view Aug. 2-25, 2012.

A while back we asked Brennan about his technique of hand carving and hand painting skate decks:

“It’s kind of a long process, but its not much different than any other painting. Actually, painting is the hard part for me, the rest just takes time.

“Starts with a sketch, turns into a drawing, sand down the board(s) to wood, apply drawing to board(s), cut it out and wrestle my way through the painting. There are definitely some tedious time eaters involved, but it’s not the cutting.

“The sanding takes a while, getting the drawing solid and making sure your line work isn’t going to disappear during the cutting adds a few minutes, painting all of the edges that you cut so they blend into the painting, and figuring out how to mount them. If you don’t leave enough board, there is nothing left to hang.”

The Garage: Brennan Coyle + Electric Coffin: at AR4T Gallery Aug. 2-25, 2012.