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Saturday, February 6th, 2016 7:22 AM
4 Questions with Dennis McNett
July 9, 2013

Interview by Nathan Vigstrom

What does the name Wolfbat Meditations represent to you? I’ve been starting my mornings with simple breathing and meditation. I mostly focus on the ocean, the swells, the sand, the color of the water, the way the ripples catch light, and the way the ocean breathes in and out deeply. When doing this images and characters come mind. They are Wolfbat mediations.

Doing waves is new for you, what inspired this new style? I think they are the same style just different subject matter. I grew up by the water in Virginia Beach. I would get hypnotized watching the water and my mind would wander. the ocean is loaded with metaphor.

You have a new colab piece with SWOON; what was the idea behind it? Callie has allowed me to collaborate on a few of her pieces. I think more than having an idea about the piece, I will react to it with the subjects I’m working with. With this one “The Ice Queen” reminded me of the winter water.

What’s to come / What’s next? I am building a sculpture for Outside Lands and the Antihero Graphics Show in SF and a show at Known Gallery in LA in November. There has also been talk of a Wolfbat Halloween event at House of Vans in Brooklyn.

Wolfbat Meditations runs through August 11, 2013 at A.R.4.T. Gallery.


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