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Thursday, February 11th, 2016 6:48 AM



February 4th – March 24th, 2012
Presented by: VANS

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Opening Reception
Saturday, February 4th | 6:00pm – 9:00pm


Through the doors of AR4T Gallery, you will enter a ceremony of great significance to the Wolfbat Tribe.

This time each year, the nomadic Wolfbat Tribe stops to express gratitude for the energy and breath of the Wolfbat spirit.

Here in Laguna, two Shamans have conjured the Whale of Gratitude by opening a porthole to this world. Nourished by notions of gratitude, each intellectual gift of appreciation bestowed upon the Whale help it to grow larger and larger with each new positive thought.

Let the Shamans be your guide; go quietly and find a way to share with the Whale your gratitude for the past year and the year ahead. Your role is important. You have the honor of arriving as a new tribesman to the first Wolfbat ceremony of the New Year.

This ceremony marks the beginning of the Whale of Gratitude’s annual journey. Once the Whale grows immense and filled up by the many powerful offerings received here overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it will pour its collected gratitude back through the second porthole, throughout the following year and across the continent, dispensing positivity to those who most need a reminder to be thankful and respectful beings.

During this ceremony the Wolfbat Shamans guide tribesmen through smaller portholes as well. Open them for different purposes: to be in contact with fallen tribesmen; to be reminded of vitality for life in each moment; to contact ancestors for advice with your troubles; to be reminded that time on earth is borrowed, ask for a good time here and a good time passing.

Every year the Whale of Gratitude returns to be invoked through the Laguna Beach porthole where it will charge up once again. Welcome to the art of Dennis McNett.

For Inquiries about this artist or show email

 at 210 AR4T Space