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Sunday, February 14th, 2016 10:51 AM


October 4th – October 27th, 2012
Opening Reception | Thursday, October 4th, 2012 : 6-9pm
Music : Dano Forte’s Jukejoint Freakshow & Low Volts

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Futureland 2012 is the prelude to AR4T Gallery’s first politically charged “Elephants & Asses” group show where artists are given free reign to say what they will about politics, candidates & the direction of our country just days before the 2012 Presidential election.

In “Futureland 2012”, each artist has been asked for their interpretation of the American Flag. A simple but powerful subject. Each one of us come from different views and backgrounds, with sometimes vastly different voices and opinions on which direction to go… yet during good times & bad we are all neighbors living together under one flag – unified in a simple yet very complex idea of freedom.

During the month of October as tensions are rising getting ready to decide where our future may lead… we hope our little space on the North side of PCH in Laguna will be a striking reminder that our colors stand for unity in diversity.


Gordon Holden
Dennis McNett
Sticky Shaw
Zac Egge
Emily Hoy
Craig “Skibs” Barker
Matt French
Sophie St. Onge
Taylor Reeve
Corey Smith
Adam Mars
Russ Pope
Electric Coffin
Patrick Carrie
David Blake
Carl E. Smith
Trace Mendoza
Nick Simich
Danny Schutt
Matt Tackett
Daniel Rolnik
The Brainfarts

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 at 210 AR4T Space