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Friday, September 4th, 2015 2:00 PM

Brennan Coyle

Brennan Coyle is an artist who lives under a bridge. Asked never to return to his home state of Alaska, he loves skateboarding, but will forever suck at it. After losing all his money at the Art Institute of Seattle, Brennan has decided to find gainful employment climbing trees. Towering 40-80 feet above the mansions and Jaguars of Washington’s richest socialites, he has time to ponder nature, beauty in all its forms, and the push/pull dynamic of life in a bustling city. with a head screwed on fairly straight, he’s not an artist you invest in because he may soon get drunk and eat a lot of pills and grow famous as a corpse. if anything, he’ll fall from a tree and ruin someone’s summer pool house first. but more likely, he’ll continue to grow and evolve as an artist with a unique perspective on our world. and he may improve at skateboarding, but probably not.

-John Logic

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