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Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 4:27 PM

Katherine Clarke Langlands

Katherine Langlands

Katherine Clarke Langlands (KCL) is a prolific painter that originates from Vermont and studied at the University of Vermont. With seven years of gallery experience and in a number of private collections, she is arriving in Los Angeles with more frequency. Her work is quickly becoming a part of the Southern California art scene and carries influence from her travels and life experiences around the world.

Her current work places an emphasis on the figure, abstracting it into designed shapes on top of layers of tumbled literature. They are an exploration into color and shape while the elusive figures allow the audience to project themselves into the work, creating a resonance between the viewer and the paintings.

AR4T Shows:

September 2013, Balance

Feb, 2013 Group Show : Birds

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 at 210 AR4T Space